8 hours prep time

It will take up to 8 hours to prepare it for delivery.

Eggless available

Eggless available in this product


The biggest feature of a homemade cake is it contains things according to your taste. that’s why they are delicious and yummy. and like; practice makes a person perfect, as it is, practice of homemade cake, will make you a perfect bakery 👩‍🍳 chef😊. and the most important things is that your taste will be in your hand🥰.



Mom’s cakery

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What do I like baking?👇 “Baking make me happy, and my cakes make others happy.Spreading joy is immensely powerful.” My inspiration 👇 “One of my friends once asked me to bake for her husband’s birthday , and I thought of giving it a try. I took my first oder, and all appreciated it, and that’s how I got into baking professionally.”

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