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Indulge in our Farali Khowa Cake, a heavenly treat blending traditional Indian flavors with a modern twist. Each bite of the moist and aromatic sponge, infused with cardamom and premium khowa, offers a burst of delightful flavors. Adorned with saffron strands and slivered almonds, this visually appealing cake is perfect for special occasions. It is specially crafted to meet the dietary requirements of farali (fasting) diets, free from grains and eggs. Whether for fasting or as a sweet indulgence, our Farali Khowa Cake is a harmonious blend of taste, tradition, and satisfaction.



cake by shivangi

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Home baker passionate about baking cakes with the best possible taste It started out of interest during COVID times Specialize in egg-less baking Good feedback from our customer encourage us to grow Coming up now with cookie pizza (along with cakes) For more details Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/cakebyshivangi/?hl=en Website: https://cakebyshivangi.com/

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